"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

About Me.

As a 16 year old Computer Engineering and Business Management undergraduate junior, I've honed my skills in bridging the gap between complex technical theories and their practical applications. My journey has been defined by direct involvement in software engineering, system integration, and data analysis, shaping a path focused on technological innovation. My experience ranges from leading team-based projects with notable companies to tackling independent and freelance ventures. This trajectory has been driven by a deep interest in cross-platform development and emergent computing systems. I'm committed to exploring the frontiers of engineering research, aiming to bring a unique perspective to the dynamic field of technology.


  1. HTML5

  2. CSS3

  3. Figma/Design

  4. Flutter

  5. Materialize

  6. jQuery

  7. Java

  8. JavaScript

  9. Bootstrap

  10. Machine Learning/Python

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